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Background: Keef Jackman and Drew Bonnington started the Acoustic Club in April 2002 as they both had a desire to play blues music acoustically and had no stage to do so! Initially, it was held once a month, with an open mic for all styles of music, any acoustic instrument, and any level.

Keef & Annie ran the club successfully for 10 years creating a weekly night that was very much an important part of the local music scene. In June 2012 Jess & Neil gladly inherited the club to run alongside their regular Hertford open mic nights.

Format: Acoustic Club's popularity has grown and it’s now held every week in Bishop’s Stortford, starting at 8.30pm through to 11pm. The Club has a very friendly feel and a fantastic mix of styles, musicians and ages. It is a no smoking venue and has a maximum capacity of 70 (which is achieved regularly!). The Club has 9 x 10 minute slots (2 songs) for all musicians, available from 9pm through until 10.30pm. Entry is £5 (£2 for performers).

Showcase: The last half-hour slot (10.30 to 11pm) is a single act showcase. This has included Eric Roche with Ravi, Fledge, Dave Sutherland, Cara Winter, Andy Thornton, Mozzy Green, Kieren Mitchel and Steve Williams, After the Rush, Roger Davies (2005 Student Music Awards nominee), Simon Scardanelli, Richard Morgan and some of the top local acts. This is by invitation and is an ideal opportunity for artists to get some “exposure” and some CD sales! The Club is prepared to offer expenses to artists that are invited to perform.

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